What is the heardle Music Game?

Are you an ardent music fan who also likes solving puzzles? Well then, you have landed up at the right place then. Read on to find out more about Heardle and its 60s version which is about to become your favorite app soon.

The Heardle 60s is basically said to be a musical tribute to Wordle, the word search game. It has got many similarities to the popular word search game but also has its own unique features. Heardle, the main game, basically features a game where you have to guess the name of a song after hearing as little of it as possible. It might be just the intro or more, but you have to guess the correct name of the song.

You must be thinking, “This is it? What’s the big hype about this?” It is that the game only gives one song per day and you get only six attempts to make a correct guess. If you can make a correct guess within those, you win or else, no. This whole thing makes the game so irresistible and leaves the players wanting more.

The Heardle 60s is the same with just one twist- all the songs that get played here are from the 60s. So, if that is the golden era of music for you, this game is your game.

Heardle 60s has some uniqueness in the fact that it helps you guess the song. With every attempt that you make, the hint increases by one second . Or, in the case that you want to listen to more of the song, you can use one of your six attempts to skip to a further part of the song. This is a feature like no other app has.

How to play?

You can play this game in a jiffy by using these steps:

1. Hit play in order to listen to a sample of the song. You can listen to the sample multiple times before making a decision on the title.

2. The site plays the intro of the song. Listen to it and then make a choice from the list of 1960s music that you think fits with the music.

3. If you make a mistake, you can attempt it again and make another choice. Or you can choose to skip by turning in one of your attempts and get a bigger hint.

4. Try to give the fastest response and then you can share your score!

5. Lastly, turn the volume up to listen to the whole song. 


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