Setting up an office: what are the key elements?

An office is the central hub of most businesses. It’s where strategies are devised and operations are managed. The environment needs to be conducive to a healthy and productive workforce, so getting it right is essential if your venture is to be a success. Offering a great place to work is also a useful tool for recruitment purposes. So, what are the key elements you should be considering?


Your office needs to be accessible to your employees and clients. Otherwise, you could struggle to hire staff or gain new business. Proximity to public transport links is ideal because it enhances accessibility. Location may influence what type of building or office space you can afford, so weigh up your choices carefully.


The environment you provide for your staff is important in determining their productivity and job satisfaction. This includes physical factors such as lighting, air quality and climate control, as well as psychological factors such as connection with colleagues and safety. Your employees should feel comfortable enough to be able to focus on their work.


Your workers need the appropriate equipment to complete tasks to the best of their ability. For most office-based professionals, this is IT hardware and electrical systems such as extension leads and cable reels to provide power to the equipment. 

Ergonomic desks and chairs will help to prevent staff suffering from poor posture and other health risks. Other office essentials include basic kitchen appliances, bathroom facilities and emergency exit equipment.


A strong internet connection in your office is key to ensuring that business goes off without a hitch. You don’t want poor connectivity to get in the way of communication with clients and colleagues. Phone lines are also a must to have a central point of communication for the business.

Inspiration and collaboration

Every great workplace inspires creativity, encourages hard work and facilitates collaboration. Think about how you can do this with features, colour schemes and floorplans. Consider having separate areas for different work modes, whether that be meeting rooms for collaboration, quiet areas for concentration or isolated zones for phone calls.

These are some of the core elements you should be considering while you set up your office. Put the effort and investment into creating a space that your business can call home. Your employees will certainly appreciate coming to work more if they enjoy their work environment.

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