BrandWatch is acquired by Cision for $450M, creating a PR, marketing, and social listening giant.

BrandWatch is acquired by Cision for $450M, creating a PR, marketing, and social listening giant.

Cision, worldwide known for its media content database and monitoring services, has finally acquired social media listening platform, BrandWatch, in a $450 Million deal. The deal took place in the form of equity shares and cash. As per brandwatch 450m series cisionbutchertechcrunch

Along with closing this deal, Cision would also combine some powers of its subsidiary company with the target of attaining customers at a comprehensive level. With this acquisition, the BrandWatch app will also be make available in the communication cloud of Cision.

The deal is say to be close in the second quarter of 2021. As per brandwatch 450m series cisionbutchertechcrunch

BrandWatch Found Year, Owner

BrandWatch is a digital consumer intelligence platform found in 2007 by Gills Parmer. It uses Artificial intelligence to make its products and transform the industry by helping over 2000 world-class companies with intelligent decisions. On the other note, Cision is a global market leader in marketing and social media management and monitoring services founded in 1892 by Svenska Telegrambyran. as per brandwatch 450m series cisionbutchertechcrunch

The current CEO of Cision is Abel Clark. It helps various firms and organizations to get engaging business-specific results. It has offices spread over 24 countries, primarily in the USA. As per BrandWatch $450M CisionButchertechcrunch

In an interview, Giles Parmer, CEO of BrandWatch, said, “We have always built BrandWatch with ambition. Now is the time to take the next step – joining a company of significant scale to create a business and a suite of products that can have an important global impact.” And joining both brands will bring innovative, comprehensive data and real-time insights.

While Abel Clark, CEO of Cision, also expressed his views on this new acquisition by saying that this continued digital shift and their wide adoption of social media is continuously changing the customer’s engagement with organizations.

He also said that marketing, PR, social, and customer care would not be available in customer-led strategies, and “together, Cision and BrandWatch will help our clients to more deeply understand, connect and engage with their customers at scale across every channel.

And We have the opportunity to create a great company that our customers see as critical to their overall business success.”

BrandWatch provides various services in multiple industries, such as Finance, media entertainment, Technology, Retail, healthcare, CPG, and education. At the same time, Cision provides insights regarding research intelligence and Monitoring & Analytics working on a Software as a service or a cloud-based model.

Three primary software packages of Cision include “Cision Marketing Suite,” Government Relations and Political action committee suite,” and “public relation suite.”Various services provided by Cision and its subsidiaries are in HARO, Eureka, North Social, and PR Web.

Through this merger, both companies will combine to provide exceptional customer engagement and PR. And can be accessed on a real-time basis with exciting conversions. BrandWatch $450M Cision Butchertechcrunch

It will benefit the consumers by assisting their brand names in the top positions for a respective niche with a better engagement rate. With the successful closing of this deal, Cision works in the direction of merging BrandWatch and, a social media management app and a subsidiary of Cision. With the help of this business, nearly 1000 people will be employed.

BrandWatch has already raised approximately $65 Million in a series A funding round. The funding round was led by Nauta Capital, with Highland Europe and Partech as the backup investor for the deal.

This is not the only funding raised by BrandWatch. It has a great history of being a fundraiser. In 2010, the firm introduced a total of $1.5 Million in a series A funding round led by Nauta Capital and Durrants, a marketing and PR firm. As per brandwatch 450m series cisionbutchertechcrunch

It has also raised $22 Million in a funding round of the B series driven by Highland Europe and $33 Million in a series C funding round led by Partech Ventures. While BrandWatch is a commending fundraiser, it also has some acquisitions.

It acquires BuzzSumo, influencer identification, and a digital content marketing platform. They haven’t disclosed the actual amount for this acquisition. In 2019, BrandWatch merged with Crimson Hexagon, a business of its kind. After that, it also acquired Qriously Cision, London-based Software as a Service provider.
These fundraising, acquisitions, and mergers made BrandWatch a market leader in Forresto’s guide.

Talking about Cision, the company has a remarkable history of fundraising and acquisitions. In September 2014, Cision acquired a social media analytics agency, Visible Technologies.

Then, in October 2014, The company announced its friendly merger with Vocus. In 2015, Cision acquired the UK-based company Gorkana. In December 2015, it acquired PM Newswire for $841 Million. In 2017, It acquires Capitol Acquisition Corporation III and decided to acquire Prime Research. However, the acquisition couldn’t be complete in the same year and proceeded to 2018.

After all these acquisitions, Cision again turn into a private entity after being acquired by Platinum Equity for $2.7 Billion.

While Cision has a current media contact database of 1 million media outlets having a total of 75000 customers, this is one of the reasons for being chosen by BrandWatch for being acquire.

According to BrandWatch, they can lead the market on what they offer their clients. Another reason for this acquisition is to work under the guidance of Abel Clark, CEO of Cision. BrandWatch $450M Cision Butchertechcrunch

They want this to be a global leader in the field and will continue to bring innovations and make valuable solutions for their customers. With this CEO, BrandWatch said,” Now is the time to take the next step- joining a company of significant scale to create a business and a suite of products that can have a significant global impact.

We are excited to join Abel and the Cision team to supercharge our work and bring even more value to our customers.”

This is going to be a marvelous merger of both companies and will have global benefits for their customers. Through this merger, the companies seek a positive impact on customer engagement.

Together, they will bring the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-driven solutions and set new targets in the market. And the same can happen with thorough research on the behavior of their clients after understanding their sides and engaging with them.

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